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    • 13.1 My brother was using my EVE account and did something that caused the account to be suspended. If I promise not to let him use the account again, can I still play?

      In some cases, if the violation is of a serious nature, all accounts linked to the same person are suspended, particularly if items or money passed between them or if more than one account was used in the violations. You may contact Customer Support if you would like to request a more in-depth investigation or file an appeal.


      13.2 A guy who got banned for cheating is either playing again on a new account or using someone else's account. If I report him, what - if anything - will happen?

      Upon receipt of allegations like this, such cases are investigated and, if proven correct, the account he is using will also be terminated. Accounts are not closed because they have done something wrong, the person using it has. Therefore, it's the user himself that is banned, not merely the account or characters on an account.


      13.3 My account was suspended for a week because I was accused of using an exploit on the 5th. My next payment is due on the 10th. Will I still be charged?

      Yes, you will be charged since a temporary ban assumes you will keep playing after the suspension period has ended. A permanent ban results in the complete closure of an account and the account will not be renewed in the next billing cycle. However, if you have pre-paid for your subscription some months in advance, you will forfeit any portion of unused game time and, as stated in the EULA, will be ineligible for a refund.


      13.4 My account was suspended for two weeks. If I cancel my account for a month and then reactivate it, will I be able to play then?

      A suspension is a penalty given against a player who has broken the rules. To permit a player to bypass this punishment by canceling his subscription to ¡°ride out¡± the suspension would be counter-productive to the effect the reprimand should have. A suspended account that is closed during the temporary ban period, once reactivated, will still be unusable until the suspension has been fully served.


      13.5 Why doesn¡¯t CCP put up a ¡°Hall of Shame¡± to keep players informed about who has been suspended or banned from the game and why?

      Suspensions and bans are private matters between CCP and the players involved. Even if players have done something wrong and we felt it necessary to suspend or ban them from EVE Online, we would not want to publicly humiliate them or deny them their privacy.


      13.6 The CEO of our player corporation was banned. Can we contact Customer Support and have his belongings transferred to one of our characters or placed in our corporate hangar?

      No, we cannot transfer items from a banned account to another player¡¯s account or to a corporation hangar.


      13.7 One of my corporation members was banned. Is there someone I can talk to about this? He¡¯s a nice guy and I want to help him get his account reopened.

      As mentioned above, the relationship between CCP and our players is private. We will not discuss the actions taken against one account holder with another. Please do not contact us in an attempt to plead the case of a fellow player who has been suspended or banned.


      13.8 I have been banned from the EVE Online forum. Will I be banned from the game now, too?

      Not necessarily. When someone is banned from our message boards, we will review his account history to see if he has any serious offenses marked there. If he hasn¡¯t, no further action will be taken, though it will be noted on his account that he has been banned from the forum. Should he be under investigation for breaking a rule in the future, this could count against him as the GM renders his decision on whether or not a suspension or ban from the game is in order.

      When an account is suspended or banned, however, access to the forums is also suspended or terminated.


      13.9 I encountered someone using an exploit in the game. Should I send in screenshots and chat logs to prove this?

      Though we appreciate it when a player alerts us to someone else¡¯s disruptive behavior in the game, be it harassment or cheating, it is imperative that this be conveyed to us immediately either by filing a petition or e-mailing Customer Support. A GM will respond as quickly as possible. Due to the possibility of chat logs and screenshots being altered, we may not be able to take player-submitted documents into consideration during our investigation. There¡¯s a better chance of verifying and stopping cheaters and griefers if we can witness the actions ourselves.


      13.10 Do players always get a warning before they are permanently banned?

      Some of the rules players break are not as serious as others. For lesser offenses, warnings or temporary suspensions may be given. For more serious offenses, an account may be closed without warning. Examples of actions that may be taken for breaking various rules can be found in our Suspension and Banning Policy. This is not a conclusive list, but will give players a general idea of what is expected of them and what could happen if they break the rules.

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